Tim and Sandra

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Antwerp in Belgium for Tim and Sandra’s wedding. I also had the pleasure of shooting it! Even though rain had been forecasted for the day of the wedding, we were lucky and celebrated outside in lovely weather with delightful sunshine. The Kasteel Rivierenhof was a lovely place to have an cozy wedding. I was surprised to see that the party lasted into the late hours of the night, with both Tim and Sandra’s parents staying until the end! It was such a blast! It was one of the best weddings I have been to in a long time!

Belgium wedding photography

Jen May - Nice, Sara! Keep up the good work :)

Amy Gebben - Sara! You did such a beautiful job on the wedding photos! It was so great meeting you! What a great way to remember such a fantastic experience!

Jen Disney - Nice work Sara! How fun! You’re an international wedding photographer!

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