Santa Monica Engagement Photos – Anh & Jonah

Welcome to a look at Anh & Jonah’s engagement photo session at the Santa Monica Pier! I got a chance to assist for my friend Ning Wong over at Ning Wong Studios, and we had a great time! In addition to helping out and holding lights, I got to take care of Bacon the dog when she wasn’t needed in a shot (she was so sweet!). I even got to bring my camera along and second shoot with Ning! It was fun and a challenge because I decided to shoot with lenses and from different angles than what Ning was shooting so that our photos wouldn’t turn out looking identical. If you’ll notice, Bacon made it into most of the  photos because she was just so gosh-darn cute. We had fun exploring above and below the pier, and we even made it out onto the beach! Ning even makes an appearance in one of the photos! Enjoy!

Ning Wong - Great work! :) Thanks for coming out with me!! :)

Kate Breuer - Great! I love the dog!!

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Iowa State Engagement Photography – Ashley & Jeff

Shani - Such cute photos, adorable couple and a great location …

Ning Wong - great work! fantastic looking photos and venue!

Liesl Diesel - this is a beautiful set of portraits, I love the colors they chose to wear!

Kristen Burtch - Beautiful!

Stephanie Overstreet - These are beautiful, Sara!! Love the colors, such a romantic session!

Eric - Beautiful location and couple Sara! I’m sure they loved these.

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