Yuba City Family Photography – Baby Arlo

Yuba City Baby Photography – Baby Arlo

Meet Arlo, Thaddeus and Jenn’s newest addition to their family! Thad and Jenn live in Yuba City, my home town in northern California! Where is Yuba City, you ask? You’ve never heard of it, you say? Why, it’s 40 miles north of Sacramento on Highway 99! That’s ok. You’re not the only one who doesn’t know where it is. But back to Arlo. He is a little baby who, at this point in time, bears a striking resemblance to Thad. He is a happy baby, but also a thoughtful baby. His dad says his favorite toys are his keys, and his his Scottish highlander cow from Scotland that his grandma got for him while she was there during a recent trip! He also has a big sister, Erin, who likes pink and knows how to keep herself entertained.


Denny Dolmage - These pictures are awesome! I have never seen such photography.

Jennifer Eubanks - Thanks Sara, you did such a great job!!

Kelley Gandy Farrow - What great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to show the rest of the family.

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